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SkillsUSA 2023 National Film Contest Winner

The films being produced at the SkillsUSA Digital Cinema Contest are top notch and getting better every year. We thought we would start sharing a few of them for students and teachers who are using Sneak On The Lot. We will start off with the overall winner of the 2023 contest, Paper Dreams. Let us know what you think of these films by leaving a review in the comments of the film and if you want to see more content like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Chet and Fletch have been the chairs for the SkillsUSA National Digital Cinema competition for almost a decade now. The national film contest has come a long ways since that first year when they were asked to judge the event. What was once basically a 48-hour film contest, has grown into something resembling a film festival.

"Students should be spending their time making films that could get them into a good film school", Fletch said, "I'm a professional and I couldn't making anything of real value in 48 hours. How can we expect these students to do what we cannot."

When students arrive at the national film contest now, they spend their time workshopping their scripts and learning how to make their films even better. There is still items that must be produced while there at the contest, but the students have spent weeks making their films, and the films are 1000x better because of it. Now the students have something to apply to the best film schools in the world with.

What would a national film contest be without a walk down the red carpet? Well, we didn't have red carpet this past year, so we made due with whatever the convention center had. But Chet & Fletch are determined to get some red carpet for next year.

For the first time ever, students were able to watch everyone's movie and see where they landed competitively. Each team was brought up on stage in front of everyone and asked a series of questions. Students were graded on their responses, which were taken into consideration in the final vote.

Judging by the quality of the films, the 2023 national film contest for SkillsUSA was a smashing success, and we can't wait to see what the students produce next year.

Premiere night with everyone
Premiere night with everyone

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