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Movie Making Courses to Transform You Into A Master Filmmaker.

Our curriculum aligns with the national Common Core standards in every way. Enhance your classroom with a 21st Century curriculum that is packed with media, which puts real professionals right in front of your students.


We have partnered with EditMentor to bring you seven additional add-on courses.  These are

  • Getting Started

  • Advanced Film Editing

  • Broadcast Journalism

  • The Art of Filmmaking - Basics

  • The Art of Filmmaking - Intermediate

  • Film Terms

  • YouTube Kickstarter



Joshua S. Fisher, Teacher

“My students and I love the SOTL program!”

Kathrin Martin, Teacher

“That is SO COOL!  Way to up the ante on linking classwork to the VERY real world.  You are doing amazing things with your company, and I want you to know that...”

Jackson Westenskow, Teacher

“Thanks for what you’re doing for education.  It’s pushing me in a lot of great ways.”

Interactive Curriculum

Our instructional workflow combines entertainment and education into a single package that makes learning fun and interactive.

Your students will learn-by-doing what they love, telling stories and making movies.

Engage your students with a gamified learning method that tracks knowledge retention, but more importantly, skill mastery.

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