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Summer Workshop

Hands-on professional training

5 Days in Hollywood Making A Movie.

Sneak On the Lot workshops were created to assist filmmakers and instructors in the classroom and give them personal experiences behind the scenes of a motion picture. This experience can then be taken back to your classrooms and be dispensed to your students.

The best, most exhausting week of training you’ll ever have.

July 15-20, 2024

What is the summer workshop?

To enable educators and students the best filmmaking knowledge possible, Sneak On The Lot offers a workshop that engages participants in the various stages of film production — From working on set with professionals to participating in various filmmaking workshops, Sneak On The Lot has a proven track record of thorough filmmaking training.


From development of a screenplay to distributing a movie, with a little dash of software training for good measure.

On Set

Professional, hands-on filmmaking training in Hollywood.

Guest Speakers

We'll introduce you to big-shot professionals who will blow your mind.

Breakout Sessions

Ride shotgun next to professionals as they teach/show you how to do what they do.


It's not all blood, sweat and tears.  We take brakes at night to cut loose and play.


The Hollywood Experience

The best, most exhausting week of training you’ll ever have.

In addition to learning the ins and outs of filmmaking, Sneak On The Lot creates a three fold Hollywood experience for all our summer workshop participants.

Hollywood Facility Exposure

Throughout the workshop the participants will be taken to Hollywood facilities and given tours, helping them to understand the big picture of making movies. The facilities visited vary each year. Facilities visited in the past include: Deluxe Film Laboratories, EFilm, Soundelux, Todd A.O., Universal Studios Backlot, Warner Brothers Backlot, among others.

Professional Mentorship On Set

During the workshops all the participants work side-by-side with some of the best Hollywood professionals in the film industry. While on set, each participant rotates through all of the departments: Production, Camera, Lighting, Sound, Art, Make-up, Hair, Wardrobe and Directing. By structuring the experience in this manner, the participants learn by doing while accomplishing the task together with a professional mentor.

Hollywood Cultural Submersion

In addition to seeing the filmmaking part of Hollywood Sneak On The Lot feels it is also important to see a little of the “Hollywood Culture”. Several nights during the week the participants are taken out on the town to see a few different sites. Some of the places visited are the Kodak Theater where the Oscars are broadcast each year, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, City Walk, The El Capitan, and Grauman’s Chinese Theater among other sites.


In-Class Training

From development to distribution we’ll cover it all in four days. You won’t sleep much.

In addition to receiving a great experience on-set with real professionals, the workshop offers unique opportunities to learn the details of every phase of the production. This is accomplished through discussions and practical applications scenarios that will enable the workshop participants to return to their classrooms and help their students to create better films with the resources they have.

The discussions and classroom experiences are tailored to our audience and the particular project. Topics and concepts are chosen from the list below and discussed to better meet the training needs of the participants:


  • Story structure & beat sheet

  • The 3×5 card technique

  • Writing a great treatment

  • The art of screenwriting

  • Writing coverage and script notes


  • Assembling a filmscape

  • Storyboarding your film

  • Previsualization in 3D

  • Scheduling your shoot

  • Budgeting your production

  • The Art of production design



  • On-set protocol

  • Securing the right location

  • Cinematography and the art of lighting

  • Directing actors and camera

  • Mastering the 180 degree rule

  • Editing styles and pacing

  • VFX Compositing

  • Film a scoring

  • Sound Effects

  • Sound design

  • Foley

60 In-Service Credit Hours

Who knew you could have fun while earning in-service credit, right?

Teachers and administrators that attend the Sneak On The Lot summer Workshop are qualified to receive 60 hours of in-service credit.

These in-service hours of training will consist of in-class filmmaking workshops covering the four phases of production, along with on-set practical experience with industry professionals.

Those attending the summer workshop will become Sneak On The Lot Certified with the highest level of certification: Sneak On The Lot Class A Certification.

Accommodations & Logistics

You won’t see it much but your room is beautiful.

During the workshop all participants will stay in a hotel in or near beautiful downtown Burbank which will be our home base for the summer workshop.  

Once the participants arrive at the hotel on Monday sometime we take care of their every need.  Participants are responsible for arranging their own flights and transportation to and from the hotel but once they get to the hotel all their food and transportation is taken care of.  Monday night at 7:30 pm we all gather together for some pastries and an orientation to lay out the weeks schedule.




Once the workshop starts, we take care of it all.

The cost to attend the Sneak On The Lot Summer workshop is $5,000.  This fee includes all the costs of the participants once the workshop starts.  From Monday night through Saturday morning the participants don’t need to worry about a thing. This fee covers all the food, lodging, transportation and the cost of the day on set.  Participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their own flights to and from the workshop in addition to their transportation from the airport to the hotel in Burbank and back to the airport.  The ideal airport to fly into is the Burbank Airport and participants should schedule their flights to arrive prior to 5 pm if possible so that they can attend the workshop orientation at 7:30 pm Monday evening.



Scott Smith, Teacher

The Sneak on the Lot Summer Workshop was the most valuable experience of any teacher training I’ve ever had. After attending the SOTL workshop, I completely replaced my curriculum to match industry standards. Fletch & Chet’s passion for filmmaking is unmatched.  It’s infectious. I’m inspired to inspire my students! The SOTL website gave me massive street credit. Now I know what a real Hollywood-style shoot is all about…prep to post.  This experience was incredible and the most valuable workshop I have ever attended.

Bryce Hatch, Teacher

The most incredible video/film workshop I’ve ever been to! Learn the entire process of student filmmaking from story development to distribution. You will benefit your students for years to come.

Sheila McMurry, Teacher

Just attended one of the best workshops ever in my 20 years of teaching - Sneak on the Lot - amazing- my head is filled with tons of ideas - these three are an amazing team and they know how the business works - loved it all It was an amazing experience…a chance of a lifetime.

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The complete package from soup to nuts

What You Get

60 In-Service Credit Hours

Earn valuable credit hours as you make a movie.

Hotel/Meal Included

Five nights at the beautiful Burbank Marriott with all your meals included.

Entertainment Provided

Submerge yourself in several nights of Hollywood culture.

Real-World Experience

Work side-by-side professionals on the set of a short film.

Guest Speakers

Learn what it takes to make it in the biz, from professionals who have done it.


We’d Love to Work With You

Come join us for a week in Los Angeles and we'll give you the best professional training you've ever had.

Software Training

Get trained on all aspects of the Sneak On The Lot website.

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